Lynch-Robinson films is the production company home for director Kit Lynch-Robinson. We are a full service production company handling production for Kit's internet and TV advertising work. We are all about the modern production landscape, we are nimble and lean, so more money goes on screen. We are all about the quality of the scripts and delivering great work. We love what we do. 

On occasion Kit is loaned out to other production companies, 


How it looks, and how it makes you feel are the essence of great content, and Kit has a proven track record for marrying these two concepts to create visceral, and emotionally engaging work.

Creating the perfect “tone” is paramount in Kits’ creative process, and his past work shows this.

From using a UGC video aesthetic to feel real and natural, through to a polished high-gloss approach to create a sense of awe, and everything in-between, Kit relishes the opportunity to allow creative ideas to flourish by treating the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ with equal respect.

This approach has allowed Kit to escape the pigeon-holing that restricts most directors, as it can be applied across genres with replicable success; comedy, action, and documentary are all enhanced through Kit’s sensitive approach to the central idea.

Another facet of Kit’s work that is most apparent is the real and observed humanity that he brings to an idea.

Kit understands and more importantly enjoys people, and this honesty imbues his work with the full spectrum of emotions, and creates a highly engaged audience.

The approach, and subsequently the success of the work is acknowledged by a plethora of awards:

Gold Cannes Cyber lion, Bronze Cannes Lion, Gold Lovies Award, People's Choice Lovies award, Gold London International Advertising Award, Gold Creative Circle, Bronze Clio, Bronze Cannes Cyber Lion, Gold DMA, Gold BIMA

Kit has been directing TopGear (UK) series 20 and 21 and has just wrapped the 2014 Christmas Special

Kit runs his own production company in the UK, is represented in The USA, Japan, Korea and Singapore by Great Guns. He has started a TV and Film production company called JKR Entertainment with Rob Wakefield and Jon Stopp.