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Quite  a lot of Grand Tour on this page but some other things that showcase my ability to work with actors and scripts. I have a slate of projects in development - Movies, Dramas, Sitcoms. Get in touch to talk. 

In addition to shooting commercials;  since November 2015 I have been working as 1 of the 2 film directors on Amazon's 'The Grand Tour'. It's the evolution of TopGear on Amazon, with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. The show is part factual (a small part), part comedy, part travel, part cars, part action and stunts and an unscripted scripted script, just without actors. It is different every film and I have developed a keen sense many genres in making it, creating beautifully crafted scenes and then someone turns around holding a ladder and it turns slapstick. 

Trailer for Grand Tour Namibia special. An Epic 1400 mile journey across Namibia, in beach buggies. 

Jaaaags. A trailer for a 40 minute film when the 3 presenters became drivers of old Jaaaags. And took them skiing; literally. 

Live die Repeat. The Grand tour does Edge of Tomorrow meets black hawk down. Tom Cruise emailed the Exec to say he loved it. 

Goons. This is a trailer for a sitcom about cracking a crime family through the weakest link, the lowest rung foot soldiers. There is a reason they are the lowest rung, they aren't very bright. 

 Love me or Else - A short film.   Pegged as Fargo Meets Lassie it tells the story of 2 twisted coppers, a wonder dog and a crazed killer.