Top Gear - The Australia Special

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Episode 2 of the current series was the best film they have made in 13 years, according to Andy Wilman the Executive producer when he spoke to the Sunday Times...I say its almost a special because we always intended it to be a 3 parter but in the end we got rid of all of the studio segments apart from an interview with Kiefer Sutherland so we could have more airtime for the Australia film.  

...its was an amazing film to make - 3 modern Grand Coup├ęs in the outback, making their way to a 3.2Million acre cattle station to herd cows in said cars...Lots of dust, lots of helicopters, a hill climb in an open cast iron ore mine, very fast driving on deserted roads and then 4000 cows being herded with the help of 2 helicopters. The presenters were on great form and the film is a fun one and visually spectacular. 

These 3 clips are

Introduction to the cars - dust roads

The Nissan GTR lap in the Mine Hill climb

The Mustering Finale