I am a specialist in automotive, stunt / action scenes, adventurous journeys across continents and performance. 

These specialisms have grown out of work for The Grand Tour and  Top Gear; Travelling around the world with 3 middle aged men who fall over a lot, driving fast cars, blowing stuff up. This TV work is underpinned with 20 years of working in Advertising. 

I like to do fun stuff and have fun doing it. 

I am represented in UK and rest of the world by Outsider

US  - Sweatpants Media

Mexico - Home

Some things I  have done:  3 second hand Jaguars 'Skiiing' down a mountain,  a 1 km long 'beach buggy cable-car' in Namibia, Skydiving with Bear Grylls for Landrover, the biggest explosion ever on UK soil, a massive 1600 mile road trip with 60 crew or a massive 1000 mile road trip with 10 crew. 2nd Unit Movie car chase directing for Michael Winterbottom. Stunts in wild and far away lands, Stunts in nearer lands.  Building a world record breaking amphibious vehicle. Building a hovercraft that is a transit van. Building a bridge over the river Kok. Dropping a few tonnes of Apples on a Caravan. You know, normal stuff that everybody does. 

Some awards

Gold Cannes Cyber lion, Bronze Cannes Lion, Gold Lovies Award, People's Choice Lovies award, Gold London International Advertising Award, Gold Creative Circle, Bronze Clio, Bronze Cannes Cyber Lion, Gold DMA, Gold BIMA