Gaagal Yuludarla - Ocean Dreaming

surfing, limitless, chris Hemsworth, Nat Geo


A portrait of surfing with Otis Hope-Carey.

This film was cut from rushes that we didn’t use on Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, Episode 5 - Memory. It was right that they weren’t in the final cut of the episode but I loved the rushes and they needed to live as a film somewhere so we made this. For Art. For Joy. For Beauty. For Fun.

@natgeoTv #limitlesswithchrishemsworth

Surfer @otishopecarey Otis Hope Carey

Director @kitlynchrobinson Kit Lynch-Robinson

Exec Producer @darrenaronofsky Darren Aronofsky

National Geographic Exec Producer @mr_b_a  Bengt Anderson

Executive Producer Arif Nurmohamed

Cinematographer @stevelidgerwood Steve Lidgerwood

Surf Cinematographer @chrisbryanfilms Chris Bryan

Music @nickrapaccioli Nick Rapaccioli

Editor @cutbyguy Guy Savin

Producer @blusheraddict1211 Emma Thompson

Producer @warrenkeuning Warren Keuning

Assistant Producer @antoniaosili Antonia Osili

Production Co-Ordinator @lukarobertseaglesham Luka Roberts-Eaglesham

Production Manager @genevieve.filmdame Genevieve Martin

1st AD @jonasticus Jonas McLellan

Post Production Rascal post Production

Edit house Marshall Street Editors

2d Lead Holly Mclean

Colourist Dan Levy

Post Producer @jasminelewis_h Jasmine Lewis-Humphey

Colour Producer Jai Mhach Durban

Titles @sacha_marmalade Sacha Teulon

Special thanks to: @natgeoTv @nutopiatv , Protozoa pictures,, @ericwatson @wildstateprod , Ari Handel, @ruthcs14 , @chinaheights Jane Root, @azzagrist @zocobodypro @bengrayson @chrishemsworth